Sketchbook New York, Winter 2016 selected for Sketch Open 2017         


2017 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries (winner) 

2016 Christie's New York, Drawings from the Royal Drawing School

2015 Royal Drawing School, Re-naming Ceremony

    Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries

    Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries 

2014 St Bartholomew-the-GreatA Large Drawing of St Bartholomew-the-Great 

    ArtMoorhouse, London Wall, Drawing a Wider View (solo show)

2013 Royal Courts of JusticeThe Ballroom Drawings 

    Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries

    St Stephen Walbrook, A Large Drawing of St Stephen Walbrook

    JMW Turner's House, Twickenham, Artists of the Pageant

2012 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries

    Piers Feetham Gallery, Drawn to the Line 

    Royal Drawing School, Big Drawings: 6 Foot And Over

    Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries (runner-up) 

    White Wall Space, Leigh-on-Sea, riverrama (solo show)

2011 The London Group Open Exhibition, Cello Factory 

    Bankside Gallery, London Lives

    Buckingham Palace, Royal Drawing School 10th Anniversary Ball

2010 Piers Feetham Gallery, Thames

    HMS President, Victoria Embankment, Panoramic Drawing of the King's Reach 

2008 Royal Drawing School, Drawing Year Exhibition (external assessment prize)

2006 Byam Shaw School of Art, MA Exhibition



                  Installation in Dumfries House

                     Exhibition at ArtMoorhouse                                                                                                                                     

               Installation in St Bartholomew-the-Great 

                Installation in Royal Courts of Justice                                                                                                                                                                           Exhibition at the Royal Drawing School                                                                                                 Exhibition on board HMS President


                   Installation in private residence 


Private Collections

St Bartholomew-the-Great, West Smithfield                            

Dumfries House, Scotland 

Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building 

Hermes Collection, Paris

Forbes Collection, Chateau de Balleroy, Normandy

Royal Collection (Duchess of Cornwall)

Lord and Lady Bacon, Raveningham Hall, Norfolk

Paintings in Hospitals Collection                                      


                                                                           Chateau de Balleroy, Normandy                                                                                                    Windsor Castle