Embankment Gardens, Summer, ink on paper, 112 x 144cm, 2020
Embankment Gardens, Autumn, ink on paper, 84 x 84cm, 2020
Indian Bean Tree, ink on paper, 119 x 126cm, 2020
Embankment Gardens, Spring, ink on paper, 143 x 191cm, 2020
Rainy Day in London, ink on paper, 89 x 168cm, 2020
Winter on the Embankment, ink on paper, 166 x 126cm, 2020
Cleopatra's Needle, ink on paper, 144 x 144cm, 2019
Embankment under the Trees, ink on paper, 104 x 144cm, 2019
Plane Trees, Temple Place, ink on paper, 120 x 137cm, 2019 (sold)
Cedar of Lebanon, ink on paper, 144 x 109cm, 2019 (sold)
Across to St Magnus the Martyr, ink & pencil, 48 x 65cm, 2019 (sold)
HMS Belfast, ink on paper, 89 x 200cm, 2019
Buildings are Going Up, ink on paper, 109 x 200cm, 2018 (sold)
Bank from the Royal Exchange, ink on paper, 174 x 174cm, 2018 (sold)
Spring, Alexandra Park,  ink on paper, 150 x 300cm, 2018 (sold)
The Towers of Cannon St Station, ink & pencil, 57 x 74cm, 2017 (sold)
Blackfriars, ink & pencil, 60 x 80cm, 2017
The Shard and the Sun, ink on paper, 71 x 78cm, 2016 (sold)
Lunchtime, Liverpool Street, ink on paper, 143 x 128cm, 2016 (sold)